Ouji board, but what else?

Okay, so for years and years there’s always been activity in our house. It’s the oldest house in the neighborhood and been in the family for as long as I can remember. My mom grow up in it, her grandparents grow up in it and so on….

During this year it’s been more activity than usual and I’m skeptical of it all and want to prove to myself if it’s something here or not once for all.
So, I’ve planned to bring over 1-2 friends and try to make contact with what ever it is that stays in this house and can’t move on.

I’m planning to use a Ouji board, yes I know - people say not do.
So just in case I want to try something else I wonder, except a Ouji board is there’s anything else you can do/use/what ever to try to contact someone/thing?
I’ve tried to find things on the internet but I haven’t gotten much from it, only to use candles and mirrors and incenses, but not much more than that.

I’m more than just positive that what’s in the house is friendly because of reasons, as when I’ve cried in my room at nights I’ve felt a hand on my shoulder like someone comforted me, I’ve said ‘Thank you’ out loud to show that I appreciated it and not upset anything/one.
And if I’m feeling uncomfortable and feel like something is being too close to me behind my back for example, I just say out load “Leave me alone, please.” and the heavy feeling disappear almost immediately. And because of these friendly actions, I’m willing to try out the Ouji board but I do know the risks - I’ve done my research.

Just to point out things that have happened;
I’ve seen things walking in the room next to me, and a silhouette standing in the door opening to my room, I’ve felt like I’m being watched a lot of times, and I’m definitely not the only one that felt a heavy feeling while going upstairs.
The most activity  is taking place right above the stairs in the upper hall that’s between the stairs and the guest room.
The TV have started itself a few times and it have happened that it has change the channels too. I usually just let it be for a while not to upset anything - if something would be there.

I don’t tell people about these activity’s to new people visiting, because I want to see if anyone of them notice anything without me putting the idea in their heads, and yes, this have happened a lot. I’ve had a lot of people coming down from the bathroom that’s in the upper hall saying that they felt like someone was standing behind them when they walked up the stairs and that they got a heavy feeling over their chest, and most people comes down stairs a little freaked about this and usually don’t want to go upstairs when I tell them about all the things that have happened.
People hearing things as walking steps just right above the stairs and doors slightly moving is pretty common too.

We did use a App once that you can find on the iPhone that apparently takes in sounds that the human ear don’t really catch up on. We all slept down stairs in the living room with the door closed and all the animals was outside the whole night, and put the iPhone on the upper stair step.
The day after we put in the iPhone in the big speakers to my stereo and listened, and the noises that was recorded was much more than I’ve ever would imaged. I wasn’t excepting anything really but the common footsteps running back and fourth and the sounding like a furniture was moved appeared a lot.

Just last night I heard a strange sound that I’ve never heard before. I was lying down stairs with my laptop writing and suddenly I heard a sound that sounded as someone was walking with a cane from the guest room all through to the upper hall and then it stopped.
At first I thought it was one of the cats, but first of all my cats don’t sound likes canes and second of all once I checked all the animals that was inside the house they were lying all of them in the same room as me.
Why this fascinates me is because I remember that my moms dad had a cane and he is the last one that lived here before my mom and I moved in.
I wonder if it might be him?
My mom is convinced that it’s her grandmother thought, but she passed away peacefully and pretty happy I think, I don’t see a reason why she would stay here. My moms dad on the other had didn’t live such a good life with both alcohol problems, a bad relationship with the rest of the family and he died from brain cancer… if it would be him, I would want to help him to move on or something :)

So there’s a few things that have happened around here,
now you might understand why I want to try out to contact it and see if I get any respond to it, right?
Even if I might not get any respond at all I’ve at least tried and can move from it myself.

To the point, except the Ouji board, do you have any tips to what you can try to do to contact a ghost or what ever you want to call it?
Any tips, small or big, will be a appreciated!


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